How To Decide Card Deck Prompts

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Here is a card deck to help with the hard choices. Life is complicated and has confusing outlooks. In shaping our futures, the only thing within our actual control is the ability to decide this versus that—but how do we do that well?

The How To Decide deck offers different frameworks for thinking about the situation you are in and picking a route forward. When you feel stuck, choose an exercise or thought-experiment and see what comes up. The opposite of a crystal ball, this deck will help you compare different possible futures and empower you to take your decisions into your own two hands—no matter how chaotic the world may seem.

Created with guided information by behavioral scientist Annie Duke.

  • Card deck w/ prompts
  • 50ct oversized cards
  • Includes instructional pamphlet
  • Glossy cardstock, custom tuckbox
  • Made in the USA by Conveyor Studio
  • Measurements: 5" x 3.5"

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