I Love My Queer Kid: A Workbook To Affirm And Support Your LGBTQ+ Child Or Teen

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This workbook is for parents and other caretakers whose child or young adult has come out as gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, nonbinary, or any other queer identity. It includes nine weeks of accessible, thoughtful exercises designed to help you gain perspective, challenge your assumptions and fears, and better understand and connect with your kid.

Drawing on his experience as a licensed mental health counselor working with queer youth and their families, Marc Campbell provides resources and real help for parents. The world may not always be kind to queer kids, but your home and family can be, and that makes all the difference. Whether you're on board but confused or struggling deeply with learning about your kid's identity, these exercises can help you do right by your child.

  • Soft cover, perfect bound
  • 191 pages w/ some black + white imagery
  • Guided 9 week exercises
  • Full of prompts and informative information
  • Made in the USA by Microcosm Publishing
  • Measurements: 9" x 7"

By Marc Campball

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