Illuminated Playing Cards + Tarot Cards (Set of 2)

$ 16.99

Illuminated Playing Cards is a beautifully boxed set of two decks of playing cards, complete with a pamphlet including the rules to four popular card games and an easy three-card tarot reading. (The designs of the suits reflect tarot card designs.)

For those who want to use the deck for tarot readings, the pamphlet also contains a list of each card and its meaning as it corresponds to a traditional tarot card deck.

  • 2 playing card pack
  • Standard size cards
  • Instructional book included for card games + tarot readings
  • High-quality playing cards w/ exceptional surface slip
  • Comes in custom, flip-top box
  • Box measurements: 8.25" x 6.25"
By Caitlin Keegan

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