Monster Lovin': Smutty, Spine-Tingling Queer Stories

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Have you ever considered the erotic possibilities of loving an ancient being of incredibly inhuman power? The monstrous becomes familiar and profoundly pleasurable in S. Park's new collection of m/m queer, consensual erotica.

Tentacles find their way into every crevice, a sexy stranger turns out to be part plant, part man, and a powerful demon cuddles up in bed. In these tender, sweaty, high-heat stories, horror turns to delight, the monster always turns out to be worthy of love . . . and sometimes, the monster turns out to be you.

  • Soft cover, perfect bound
  • 127 pages, black & white
  • Made in the USA by Microcosm Publishing
  • Part of the Queering Consent series
  • Measurements: 5" x 7"

By S. Park

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