Snake & Chrysanthemum Flowers Large Back Patch

$ 29.99

A 2-headed serpent slithers through a field of mums. The chrysanthemum flower is a symbol of Autumn, as it's one of the most popular during the fall season. A double-headed snake is often a symbol of rebirth, or in this case is probably referencing the duality of life and death as Autumn is a changing of the seasons. This patch design is highly-detailed and thinner/more pliable than most making application a bit easier for the iron-on adhesive.

Part of the profits of this item are donated to environmental non-profits.

  • Large 13" x 8" backpatch
  • Iron-on backing
  • Highly-detailed woven thread
  • Lighter + thinner than most back patches!
  • 100% woven design w/ custom shape
  • Merrowed edge borders for durability

Large patches may need to be reinforced, especially over time. This can be done with spot stitching or fabric glue at corners, or anywhere adhesion has become undone.

By Ectogasm

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