You Don't Have To Understand: 12 Month Planner

$ 23.99
Twelve months is both a long time, and a short time. Writing things down to figure out what you're even doing with your life as time flies by. How are you feeling? What should you be thinking in the moment? This new planner can help you sort out the ebbs and flows of any given year. You can start it now, or wait until January—it's up to you. The planner doesn't have dates written in it, so you can use it forever or dip in and out. Time is a construct!

Includes: Weekly, monthly, year overviews. Reflection prompts. Emotional tracking tools. Exercises to relocate joy in your life. Space to remember what your unique human experience felt like, and get excited for the future.
  • 12-month planner notebook
  • Spiral bound for easy flipping through
  • Cardstock cover w/ foil imprint design
  • 152 black and white pages
  • Made in the USA
  • Measurements: 8.5" x 6"

By People I've Loved

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