Cryptid Costume Party / Connecticut Cryptids Book Release @ Strange Ways! September 20 2023


Become the cryptid you wish to see in the world by joining us at our cryptid costume party at Strange Ways! Dress as your fave cryptid--maybe Bigfoot, Mothman, Fresno Night Crawler--or make one up just for the night! THE BEST COSTUME WILL RECEIVE A PRIZE!

We will be celebrating the release of the local field guide, Connecticut Cryptids, an independently published collection of Connecticut's weirdest and most wonderful cryptids and creatures. Author Pat Scalisi and illustrator Val Ruby-Omen will be joining us for a live reading and book signing, as well as acting as judges for our costume contest.

Enjoy light refreshments and take advantage of the free photo booth, generously provided by Downtown New Haven. PLUS, we are so thrilled to welcome our favorite local cryptid and drag performer, Tiki Malone, for an unforgettable performance that will close out the night!

As always, entry is free and the vibes are immaculate. COSTUMES ARE NOT REQUIRED, but strongly encouraged! Come just as you are, or as you wish to be!