New Location (+ New Business Announcement!) August 24 2021

We are moving locations!

Important dates below.

What felt like years in the making, I can officially announce Strange Ways will be moving next month into a large, open space in downtown New Haven, CT at 151 Orange Street!

When the pandemic hit, I thought maybe we’d close like so many other small businesses at the time. Instead, y’all hunkered down and supported us like never before. When we were allowed to reopen for in-store sales here in Connecticut, they’ve only been stronger as well. Maybe it’s the mindsets of what people want to see survive these strange times, but the last year has given me the confidence to take Strange Ways to the next level.

With a larger space, we can showcase more diverse product and more makers with room for storage and display. This new location will also have an office area, studio space, pop-up event room, and hopefully more creative offerings. Not only will the larger store allow growth for the future, with better flow between online and in-store sales—we’ll generally be closer to all the new happenings downtown. Orange Street, and the Ninth Square area, has seen other local small businesses thrive. We’ll still be close by, and if anything have more opportunity for New Haven visitors and locals to pass by us and stop in. 

Last Day for Shopping in Old Location:  Aug 31
Opening Day in New Location:  Sept 20

Last Day for Placing Online Orders:  Aug 29
Online Order Fulfillment Begins Again:  Sept 13

I tried to stay find a way to stay in the Westville neighborhood that we flourished in, but when an opportunity like this new Downtown location arises it almost feels like fate. BUT—we couldn’t leave that easily. Lots of you have been asking what is going on with our old space when we move—well, surprise, we are opening a new shop in its place. Please go follow our future sister store the Westville General store for updates at @westvillegeneral. I hope y’all welcome it with open arms the same way Strange Ways was.

Thank you to everyone who has supported my (and our) strange little business to the point that we can now grow into the next chapter. We will need to close the online store and the storefront for a bit to transition, so please prepare. The last few weeks have been build out on the new space, and when I find time to pause it feels like a dream. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Alex Dakoulas
Owner & Creative Director